From aluminium scrap to aluminium coils in 2017

ALUMASA has as main target to integrate vertically all its manufacturing process. Our main activity is aluimium coil coating, so the vertical integration of this process is to manufacture the coils ourselfs. In 2015, ALUMASA decided to start the “vertical integration operation”. To do so, ALUMASA invested in a casting machine, two melting furnaces and one holder furnace. But the tecnology named above works very good with clean scrap, but the fact is that recycling aluminium is about clean but also dirty scrap. So, the Spanish family business bought a new rotatory furnace last year in order to recycle also aluminium dirty scrap. Now the rotatory furnace is in test period and the casting machines are in the final phase of the revamping. In July 2017 is expected to start up ALUMASA’s new recycling plant. Aluminium is a “magic metal” with low specific weight, high resistance and indefinitely recycled without loosing any property.


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