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Lacquer warranty

The warranty of the product becomes valid starting from the date of product delivery to the customer. 

The warranty for lacquered coils is given based on the type of paint, the thickness of the lacquer, the color, the climatic zone where the product is installed, and the requested aluminum alloy. To make sure that the product meets the desired requirements, it will be necessary for the client to let us know what the final product to be manufactured will be, as well as the installation area for it.

It is accepted that changes in aspect, color, and brightness of the coating may occur slowly, progressively, and uniformly in accordance with market practices and customs.

As a guide, we attach a chart with the color and brightness evolutions that the coatings present according to the applied product, whether it is Superdurable Polyester (ALU-HD), Polyurethane – polyamide (ALU-PUPA), or ALU-PVDF.

These data are classified into 2 climatic zones:

– Zone A: > 45˚ latitude north > 45˚ latitude south

For example: The Nordic countries, Iceland, UK, Iceland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria

– Zone B: Between 15˚ and 30˚ latitude north or between 45˚ and 30˚ latitude south.

For example: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey…

To ensure product quality, in our factory we verify the following values of the dry paint that will depend on the type of paint and finish:

The warranty has to meet certain conditions:

  • Once delivered to the client, the prelacquered band must be stored in a covered place.
  • The product handling must be the usual according to each case.
  • Once installed, pre-coated products should be maintained and cleaned periodically to prevent dirtiness and degradation of appearance and color.
  • Keep in mind that in the different applications of pre-painted materials, it is necessary to avoid joints with other materials that are not compatible with aluminum (as is the case of iron), since this would produce an electrical torque and alterations, facilitating corrosion (“no guarantee”).


Excluded from warranty:

  • Any improper manipulation of the product, in which parts are subjected to lifting of the coated surface (cuts, drilling, and folds or bends, with a radius smaller than the thickness of the substrate before coating).
  • Storage, handling, and processing in all manufacturing, cleaning, and construction processes done incorrectly.
  • Products located within a 3 km radius of tidal zones or other saltwater areas. It is highly recommended to consider the facilities located along the coastline within distances less than 3 km, due to the impact of wind, along with sand and saltwater spray. With the action of the winds, an impact is produced on the pre-coated surfaces and, consequently, continuous abrasion occurs. After a short period of time, there is a loss of the paint layer thickness and then oxidation (no warranty).
  • Products located within a 3 km radius of chemical or similar industries that emit hazardous substances and are corrosive.


It’s important to keep in mind that for pre-coated products, the installation location is essential, as in chemically aggressive or corrosive areas, pre-coated products are susceptible to attack by condensation or dripping (“no warranty”).

As an extension to what was previously mentioned, aggressive cleaning liquids, adhesive products, and/or sealers should NOT be USED on the surface of pre-lacquered products, neither during assembly or installation, nor for cleaning or maintenance purposes. These products can damage the pre-lacquered product (no warranty).

The guarantee in the event of a claim is not extendable under any circumstances. It is excluded from the guarantee to cover technical downtime, loss of business, deprivation of use, and loss of reputation.