March 24, 2017

Coating guarantee

The duration of the guarantee starts from the delivery.

Coil coating guarantee depends on the type of coating, the thickness of the coating, the colour, the weather zone and the aluminium alloy. In order to guarantee our products, ALUMASA needs to now the final application of the product and the place where it will be installed.

We agree that there is an evolution in the aspect, colour and gloss of the coating . This evolution can occur slowly and progressively respecting the market standards. We join a table  with the evolution colour and gloss  depending of the coatings used : High durability polyester (ALU-HD), Polyurethane-polyamide (ALU-PUPA), ALU-PVDF.

We have classified the data on 2 climatic zones :

– Zone A: >45° north latitude >45° south latitude :

Scandinavia, Iceland, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, etc.

– Zone B: between 15° latitude north or between 45° and 30° south:

France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey, etc.


In our quality control we verify the following parameters:

The conditions for the fulfilment of the guarantee are :

                  – The products once delivered should be stored in a covered warehouse.

– The handling should be appropiariated for the product.

– The coated products once installed should be kept clean to maintain the color and avoid degradation of the product.

– Aluminium contact with non-compatible metals should be avoided.

The guarantee will be void in these cases:

– Incorrect handling, manufacturing that implies removal of the coating surface (cuts, drills, bending radiuses that are inferior to the thickness of the support).

– Incorrect storage, treatment and handling  in manufacturing process, Importer maintenance and cleaning.

– Products located within 3 km. of  shoreline. It is recommended to watch products installed near of the seashore. Winds along sand and salt hit the coated surface thus producing abrasion. After a short period of time the coating thickness is reduced then oxidation of metal takes place. (Guarantee void).

– Product installed within 3 km. of chemical industries or similar industries that produce dangerous products leading to corrosion . For all coated product their final location is important. Due to the aggressiveness of chemical substances, coated products might be damaged by condensation or spraying. (Void guarantee) . This  limitation is not valid for PVDF.


Aggressive cleaners, adhesive products and other chemical products should not be used on the coated products during installation or cleaning. These products might damage the coating and void the guarantee.

The guarantee does not cover technical stops, loss of contracts and loss of reputation.