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Colours and combinations


Colours and combinations (Coil Coating)

ALUMASA paint an enormous number of colours, in 2016 we painted more than 1 000 different colours. We work with the RAL chart, with the NCS chart and also with customized colours. We paint wooden colours, bicolours, two layers, two sides…

In order to obtain wooden colours three layers are needed, it is required a background coating, then wooden vein coating which will be coated with a special roller, and finally a varnish which will make the system glossy and durable. ALUMASA is expert in this kind of products, in 2016 we have painted more than 40 wooden combinations.

Two different colors are coated in the same side of the coil. This product is mostly used to manufacture rolling shutters which require an inside colour different from the outside one. The manufacturing process is similar to wooden colours, we will apply one layer with one of the colours and then a second layer will be applied with a special roller. Varnish will be applied if needed. In 2016, ALUMASA painted more than 50 different combinations.

The coil coating applications are diverse, that is why for some products as venetian blinds, two sides coatings are required.

Depending on the requirements of the final product and where it will be installed, one, two or three layers are applied.


Lacquered warranty.

The warranty of the product becomes valid from the date of product delivery to the customer. The warranty for lacquered coils depends on the paint type, the thickness of the lacquer, the color, the climate zone where the product is installed, and…

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